How is Rick-e different from other electric rickshaws or electric vehicles?

The Rick-e is unique as an electric vehicle for its ability to charge in just 3-6 minutes. While driving range is comparable to other vehicles, the ESD battery within Rick-e will last longer and require less upkeep than other vehicles in both h

What is the ESD and how is it different from a battery?

The ESD or (Electrolytic Storage with Dielectric) is an energy storage device. Batteries (lithium-ion or lead-acid) rely on chemical reactions to store and release charge, which causes degradation of the battery through its use and reduces the sp

Can Rick-e be charged at home?

The Rick-e can be charged at home or from any regular outlet. Home or outlet charging is seen as an option if you must leave your vehicle parked for long periods of time, as it will take as much as 10 hours to charge from these sources, and elect

Can I buy a Rick-e as a sample?

If you are interested in becoming a business partner with Microtrone Technologies, we offer a Start-Up Package that includes the charger, charge management software module and everything required to fully sample the product. The Start-Up Package

Can I purchase Rick-e for my personal use?

At this point the Rick-e is only available to potential business partners, who will in turn sell Rick-e in their respective markets, at which point it will become available for personal use (depending on location).

How can we charge the ESD ultra-capacitor battery so fast?

The ESD ultra-capacitor battery, is capable of charging in 3-6 minutes due to the non-chemical nature of ultra-capacitors that allow rapid absorption of electricity. Depending on the energy storage capacity of the vehicles to be charged, the comp

Do we need a special charger for Rick-e?

The Rick-e utilizes MOTEV’s proprietary Flash Charging Technology, which is essential to benefit from Rick-e’s 3-6 minutes charging time. We offer this charger as part of our Start-Up Package.

How do I become a dealer and distributor of Rick-e?

The first step is to fill out the Business Partnership Application Form. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis and will get in touch to progress our business partnership forwards.

Can I buy the ESD 3.0 on its own and use it for other purposes?

Not at this time, although if you have an exciting application for the ESD 3.0 energy storage system we would be interested in hearing from you. Please reach out to us at info@microtrontec.com to start the conversation!

We have a different type of rickshaw in our city. Can that be converted?

Yes, there will be an additional cost up front as we will need to develop a conversion kit which fits the specifications of that model, but it is well within our capabilities and we have done so for a handful of models already.

When will other products and conversion kits for other vehicles are available for market?

Rick-e and the rickshaw conversion kit are our first commercialized products, but more are coming! We have developed prototype energy storage systems for motorcycles, and Sedan type cars. We anticipate developing a bus conversion kit as our next