What is Rick-e?

Rick-e is the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle!

As the first vehicle with a non-chemical ultra-capacitor battery Rick-e takes 16 to 30 seconds to fully charge, and runs for 100 miles or 150 kilometers on a single charge with four passengers and a driver on board.

Rick-e is an electric rickshaw or tuk-tuk with power and performance comparable to or better than its petrol and natural gas powered competitors. Electricity or electric charge when used to power vehicles is less expensive than petrol, diesel or compressed natural gas (CNG) and can be generated using solar and other renewable energy resources. One of the main reasons why electric vehicles are taking longer to replace the fossil fuel powered vehicles is the long charging time needed to charge these vehicles with chemical batteries. However, Rick-e will be the first electric vehicle to hit the road which has overcome the charging time issue by using the Microtron’s proprietary ultra-capacitors based energy storage device.